First day of Spring March 20th

“Eostre” by Thalia Took

“Eostre” by Thalia Took

March 20th, 2017 sees the First Day of Spring this year.  This marks the start of Spring Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and if you are an admirer of Spring and things green is a time to celebrate new beginnings when the world is ripe with promise.

Spring is in the air, and this weekend sees the Vernal equinox – which traditionally marks the beginning of the Spring season in the Northern Hemisphere.

The daffodils are in bloom and the trees pushing forth buds in the UK , Easter is close and the season for lambing is underway.

There have been many Spring rituals though out history.   Three leaved plants such as clover where thought to be gifts from the fairies to bring us good luck during planting season.  And herbs such as honeysuckle for vision, vervain for wealth  were given as gifts to friends.


Bringing flowering branches into the home to welcome Spring is also quite common.  Pussy Willow and forsythia , a lovely branch with yellow flowers that open up like gifts from the sun.


Fresh herbs are popping up and add a freshness to cooking and salads as the earth comes out of winter and welcomes the warmth of the season.

Many traditions and a lot of folklore hovers around these seasons.  Tis said, by the Chinese, you can stand an egg on end and it will stay, representing the balance of day and night at this time.  Eggs were also planted in the fields as a symbol of fertility.

As this is a time that represents renewal and a promise of things to come, why not create your own

ritual.   Bring in some of the new herbs that are blooming,  basil , dill and thyme for love to name a few.

Comfrey for wealth, bay and clove for protection and cilantro for health,   toss them into a big fresh salad and serve with mimosas adorned with fresh spring flowers for your friends and family.  What a lovely was to start a season.

The Equinox is on a Sunday this year, a day representing health, career and success!!  Place basil over the doorway with several coins to bring prosperity and wealth throughout out the year!

Sunday represents the Sun, bright yellows and golds and Spring is a promise of renewal.    Welcome it with your arms open and your heart full and ready to accept your good.

Have a great Spring.

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