About Dsandra Psychic Card Reader

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Dsandra is a caring reader with real answers to all of life’s challenges.

Between the wish ~ and the outcome ~ life happens

Dsandra is able to touch hearts, provide new outlooks and answer questions that people struggle with.  Clients can count on her for compassion and truth knowing that with each reading they are in a safe place filled with warmth and no judgement.  Dsandras keen insight has allowed her to maintain an ever-growing list of devoted clients who sing her praises as a reader and a guide.

Dsandra delivers her information in an understandable, down to earth way and imparts her wisdom and keen insight in a kind, straight forward way.  “Talking to Dsandra feels like talking to an old friend”.

Versed in the arts, she is adept at the Tarot cards and Oracles cards as well as being clairvoyant.  But her favorite remains a regular deck of poker cards.  Playing cards came to Europe around the 14th century and were well-known for telling Fortunes among the Gypsies.

Dsandras’ newest venture into card reading, is a rare version of fortune-telling cards based on the old fortune tellers of the turn of the century.  All of this allows her to provide you with an open view of the situation at hand.   Not to mention, to say the least~~~she is a wise crone.

Allow her to Inquire into your situation, Inform you of the options and Inspire you in all walks of life.  Isn’t it better to be aware of  the energy around the situation BEFORE we act so we come from a calm place?

So, Relax, breathe and ask yourself~~~What do I need to know today??

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Dsandra card reader  formerly of Keen, has logged over 39,000 calls during her career, and has maintained a 5 star rating.

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