Money Draw Candle work

Money Draw

Money Draw


Money Draw candle work spells are done during the “bring” cycle of the moon which is the new moon to the full moon.

There are many money draw candles or spells or exercises, what ever you are comfortable calling them.

Below is a simple  candle spell that requires little to no effort or supplies.



1 Green Candle

1 1/2 teaspoon of parsley

Light anytime during the bring cycle which is the new moon to the full moon, let it burn until finished.  If you must leave, snuff out the candle instead of blowing it out and relight as soon as possible.

I prefer the 7 day glass jars candles for full strength and place them on a cookie sheet in case or cracking or tipping.  You may also placed in fireplace or outside.  Just place where you can see it daily.


Often we feel we do not deserve the money so here is a simple Money Draw candle with the ability to accept it.


1 Green candle

2 drops of aloe extract or juice (can squeeze out of plant)

Light on the 6th day of the bring cycle, the new moon to the full moon.  Let burn until done (see above)


As they say in THE SECRET

“I am a money magnet, money comes to me effortlessly and easily”



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