New Moon Butterfly Transformation

Butterfly transformation



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The new moon is always a time for new beginnings.  And this new moon on Sept. 20th, is right before the Autumn equinox.  A perfect time to make some transformations.  To spread your wings with a New Moon Butterfly Ritual.  It is also the time the last of the Monarch butterflies makes their long migratory journey for their transformation, so it seems a very appropriate time for this particular ritual.


For the new moon Butterfly Ritual, create a space to offer thanks to deceased family and other loved ones.  As it is a time of Harvest, decorate it with Autumn colors.  Use leaves, acorns and other symbols of fall and harvest.

Place a candle in the space you are using for your new moon Butterfly Ritual.  Think of using orange, brown, green and yellows, colors of the harvest.  White also represents transformation, cleansing and also finding your own inner light.

Call upon your ancestors to support and empower your~~~~~~ to continue

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