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I want you to know–


There are many things a guy would like you to know about them.  Often we see articles on what men want, how to please a man and so on.  But after reading many articles and speaking to many , many men , here are some of the top things a guy would like you to know.  And these are not in a “rated” order.

  1. One of the main things a guy would like you to know is,  how a woman sees and treats herself is important. The number one thing guys like is “Confidence”.  A woman who is comfortable with herself is sexier than all the Victoria Secret ads.  The attraction is a combination of personality, confidence and body language.  Remember to treat yourself the way you want to be treated.  Feeling sexy and confident is being sexy and confident.  Let him win you.
  2. Most men have tried to be romantic at some point, some are good at it and some are not.  Some have had their efforts rejected.  Another thing men would like you to know is we do not always know “how” to be romantic. It doesn’t mean we don’t want to be.  There is a book called the 5 ways to show love (and also how we feel loved).  For some women, it is verbal, hearing terms of endearment, for some it is having someone do for you.  To him building the shelf may be a romantic gesture when you were thinking flowers.  Let him know what you need for that feeling.
  3. Men do like getting lost, it is a challenge to find their way.  It is a throw back to the old hunter days.  Calls on their basic instincts.  Men love the feeling of getting their  way out of a jam,  do not rob them of this accomplishment.
  4. One of the biggest things guys would like you to know~~ they love input in the bedroom.  Don’t go overboard but let them know they are on the right track. (or not).  Your voice giving verbal clues can be a bigger turn on than any Viagra, and never underestimate the power of lingerie.  And by the way, porn is not a replacement for you.  (more on this than later).
  5. And one of the most surprising,  our stomach is a fast track to our heart.  It has nothing to do with the wife in the kitchen thing men enjoy having  the privilege of a home cooked meal while they are doing man stuff!!  In this day and age more and more men are cooking but never underestimate the fact they enjoy having it done for them.  Some prefer it to or equate to with good sex.  (p.s. if you want sex also~~have it before you eat).

These are just a few of the many things I have come across but for now, enjoy the input.  See how these little things can help you to get them closer and for you both to open up and communicate each in their own way.

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